April Showers Bring May Flowers

I love springtime! The weather is nice, the kids are almost done with school and the flowers are blooming. What’s not to love about the season of flowers? In fact, I think the flowers are my favorite part of the season. That’s why I’ve put together my list of fun flower facts that you might not know. 

Flowers Have Secret Meanings—Most flowers have a secret meaning that most people don’t know about. For instance, a red rose means love, but a yellow rose means sympathy. Next time you’re looking to buy flowers for someone special, you should look up their secret meaning to add a little extra something special to your message.

Broccoli Is A Flower—Yes, that’s right! The tasty green vegetable is also in the flower family. Now I wouldn’t recommend giving a bouquet of it to your sweetheart, but they could be a fun addition to a romantic dinner.  

The Largest Flower Can Grow Up To 3 Feet Long—The largest flower in the world is a rafflesia arnoldii, and it’s an absolute beast! It grows in the rainforests of Indonesia and can grow to be as heavy as 15 pounds. But the craziness doesn’t stop there! When the flower is in full bloom, it smells strongly of rotting meat.

Some Flowers Are Edible—No, I’m not still talking about broccoli here, but some garden flowers are actually edible. Dandelions, tulips, lilacs and daisies are just a couple among the many beautiful flowers that are healthy and also delicious. 

California Flowers Are Everywhere—Almost 60% of fresh-cut flowers grown in the U.S. come from California. 

Some Flowers Are Nocturnal—There are several varieties of flowers that open only after the sun has set and the moon is out. One type of flower, the Lunaria, even turns silver in the moonlight.

Flowers really are fascinating plants. Now that it’s May, I’m excited to start seeing flowers pop-up around town. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of fun flower facts.