Car Dealer Prescribes Vacation Rx

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? I sure have. I don’t know what it is but somehow my vacations always leave me exhausted. Perhaps it’s the way I throw caution to the wind and eat as though I only have another day to live. Or maybe it’s the over-scheduling of every minute that leaves me weary.

So this year, I’m on a mission to change all that. This 2012 vacation will be one that refreshes, recharges and revitalizes my soul! How’s that for over zealous expectations?

To that end, I did a little surfing—not the real kind, imagine me on a surfboard? Yes, you can stop laughing now!

Here’s what I found to be the cure for post vacation stress disorder.

1. Drink wisely. Skip sugary cocktails and mocktails. They’ll only lead you into a deep summer slumber with energy so low you won’t feel like doing anything but watching television. Skip soda and those frappuccinos that are so enticing to us all. Instead, drink water with a twist, herbal iced tea or even a nice glass of red wine if you must indulge. Dr. Oz says, “A glass of red wine a day may actually protect against weight gain. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes, and other components of red wine have been shown to block the cellular processes that enable fat cells to grow.” Coconut water is also a good choice—it rehydrates as well as sports drinks sans the extra sugar.

2. Eat well. I know most vacations do not feel complete without a little indulgence so I say, make it little. Splurge on fried appetizers while choosing leaner entrees. Snack on small sweets and avoid ordering dessert. Or perhaps, eat healthy for breakfast and dinner, and go a little carb crazy during lunch, giving yourself plenty of time to work that bread basket off.

3. Sleep in. No need to set an alarm during your vacation, unless of course you’re going fishing and in that case, skip to step 4 right now. Use your vacation time to catch up on sleep. Sleep is the best defense against many a health foe. Have little kids? Barter with your partner to take turns sleeping in. Do whatever you can to make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night during your trip.

4. Get moving. Make sure and find new ways to exercise during your trip. Skip the gym in the hotel. Why not sightsee instead? Hike if possible. Swim in the ocean, lake or pool if available. Rent a bicycle and tour the area from your perch. Just make sure not to sit the entire time you vacation, although a good deal of relaxing is allowed. After all, what’s vacation for anyway?

Ok, no more prescriptions from the vacation doctor. Time to follow this plan together and make post vacation disorder a thing of the past.