Pro Tips For A Well-Done Holiday Meal

Nothing brings me more joy than sitting down with the whole family to make memories and celebrate the holidays. In fact, gathering around the table to enjoy a holiday meal is one of my favorite family traditions. But as much as I love it, I know how stressful cooking can be. That’s why I’ve put together some pro-tips, so you can stop stressing over your time in the kitchen.

Start Your Grocery List Early—Making a list and checking it twice isn’t just for Santa. When you start your grocery list early, you ensure you get everything you need to make the big meal the first and only time you visit the store. 

Shop Early—Turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, potatoes and vegetables—we all cook similar foods during the holidays. So if you want to ensure your favorite brand of stuffing or all the 10-pound turkeys aren’t picked over by the time you go shopping, go early.

Empty Your Dishwasher And Trash The Night Before—Artists work best with a clean canvas, so get a head start with a clean kitchen before you start cooking up a storm.

Thaw Your Meat Early—Frozen meat takes time to thaw. Make sure you’re putting any frozen meat—whether it’s turkey, roast beef or ham—in the fridge with enough time to thaw before attempting to cook it. Allowing the meat time to thaw in the fridge will maintain freshness while helping the meat heat evenly during the cooking process.

Use An Ice Chest For Extra Room—If your family is anything like mine, fridge space is always limited during the holidays. That’s why we fill a travel cooler with ice to keep drinks and deserts cool instead of using precious fridge space.

Put Out A Pre-Dinner Snack Platter—The best way to keep hungry pre-meal pickers out of the kitchen while you’re cooking is to give them something to snack on. Cheese and veggie platters will help keep people out of your hair and satisfied until mealtime.

I hope these holiday cooking tips make meal prepping a little easier this year. And from my family to yours, happy holidays!